Tuesday, April 19, 2016

32 Weeks and counting...

I failed my 3-hour glucose test.  I wasn't surprised by this, but I am not excited either.  I had a meeting with a dietitian (this word looks very wrong to me?), bought a glucose monitor, lancets, and testing strips.  I now have to eat a diet with low sugar and complex carbohydrates.  Basically, this translates to: no desserts, no "white" food (pasta, rice, potatoes, all those delicious things I love), lots of fruit, no caffeine or sweets.  It also translates to: complex carbs (whole grains- gag!), nuts, seeds, vegetables, some fruits (citrus and berries- thank goodness), and meat.  Oh, and eggs and cheese.  Yup, I am already sick and tired of this diet after only 3 weeks.  The only upside to this diagnosis is that I haven't gained any weight this month!  I was 150 two visits ago (4 weeks ago and I had gained 5 pounds in a month!), last visit I was 148 (one week on the diet), and this visit I was 150, so I am right back to where I was four weeks ago.  I realize that I am still much smaller than many pregnant women, but I have never weighed this much before and it is disconcerting to me.

In fabulous news, baby girl is growing right on track, is very wiggly and will always move when I want her to, and will kick her daddy back now.  Braden loves to come push on my belly so she will push back, and she does.  She will definitely be able to handle big brother!  Baby is strong enough now that when she moves, so does my entire belly.  I watched a knee (I think) trace across the entire top of my belly last night!  Doctor says she is head down, and feet are over on my right side, so that is where all the action begins :)

The nursery is nearing completion.  Everything is hung up on the walls, the closet carpet has been replaced, tubs have been placed on top of them, and everything is as I imagined it would be.  We still need to hang the 3 lavender bows above the picture frames, and Grandma is still making the curtains for the closet, but we are almost there!  It is exciting for me to see the room I dreamed in my mind becoming a reality, and even more exciting to see that it looks beautiful.

I painted a window frame for a faux window.
We bought some tubs for the toys.

Thanks to my sister and some friends, baby girl has more clothes than she will ever need, and we are so grateful.  We did not have a baby shower, so the hand me down, barely used clothes are so much appreciated!  On that note, I have ordered my last item for the nursery that I absolutely must have.  We have a car seat, blanket, diaper bag, and an outfit to come home in, so we can at least get through delivery and coming home!
Before:  In the early days.
After:  Now, while I try to find a home for all the things!

I am, for some reason, feeling pretty good.  I can't bend at all, picking things up off the floor is hilarious, and I walk like a waddly hippo.  However, my belly support band is mostly working and my swelling doesn't hurt like it did for so many months.   I am trying my best to enjoy these last few months of pregnancy.  We have just less than 8 weeks left, and I am grateful for every minute my daughter is growing strong and safe inside me.  I do enjoy feeling her move and play.  Although it hurts so much more this time, and I am more forgetful and emotional than I have ever been in my life, I know that once this pregnancy is over, I will never feel a baby move inside of me again, and that will be sad for me.  This last pregnancy adventure is definitely not what I thought I would be doing as my oldest girl is about to graduate from high school, but it is where I am meant to be.
32 weeks.  They say she is about 17 inches and 4 pounds.