Sunday, March 27, 2016

29 weeks and a bit of excitement

This was an interesting week.  Everything started out well.  We had our monthly visit with the OB and were able to take a peek at baby girl.  She has a perfectly sized head that is measuring exactly the correct weeks and days!  This alleviates our fears of Zika-caused Microcephaly.  She has plenty of fluid, is still a girl, and was flopping all over the place during the whole process.  She was opening and closing her mouth, putting her hands all over her face, and even stuck her tongue out a few times- priceless!  The ultrasound tech even switched to 3D mode, and we were able to see her little face.  It was kinda creepy, but kinda awesome at the same time.  I took a picture of the picture:

I also took the 1-hour glucose test, which wasn't bad at all... until I received the results on Thursday... and I had to go take the 3-hour glucose test on Friday.  I felt pretty sick during the test, which is not a good sign. The only time I ever had gestational diabetes, I became violently ill during the 3-hour.  This time I was just tired and felt "yucky," so we will see in a day or two how the results came out.  

TMI- do not read if you are sensitive or don't want to know about this stuff.  
And then the excitement came.  I started leaking clear, smell-free fluid.  I thought it was just from the course of the day, but after I cleaned up and rested for a few minutes, there was even more.  I told Jason so he could calm me down, but he said we should call the doctor.  I called the doctor so she could calm me down, but she said the we should go to L and D.  Sigh.
So, Katie and I went to the hospital (Jason had to take Triston somewhere).  All I needed was for them to hand me the little nitrazine paper so I could hold it in the fluid to see if it was amniotic fluid or not.  As you can imagine, that is not what happened.  They made me register, ride in a freaking wheelchair up to L and D, weigh in, put on a gown, and pee in a cup.  Oh, and before I could go up, they had to put on a hospital band.  Once there, they hooked me up to all the monitors (for contractions and fetal heart rate).  Then, after going through an entire pregnancy history- which is very challenging when you have had (let me think...) 8 pregnancies and 5 babies which are not yours and you don't remember their birth weights or birthdays very well.  I am pretty sure the nurse thought I was insane!  
After all of that mess, the nurse finally did the nitrazine test.  Three times.  And it was negative each time.  So now they tell me the fluid is just what is happening now.  Fun times.

Today is Easter Sunday.  I have been thinking about how different this pregnancy is from a surrogate pregnancy.  With my first surrogate pregnancy, I was afraid I would feel some kind of attachment to the babies and my heart would break when they went home with their family.  It didn't.  
After three surrogate pregnancies, I was afraid I would not feel the connection to this baby that I had felt with mine.  I loved my surrogate babies and would have done anything for them, but I was not in love with them like I was with my first three.  A surrogate friend who had another baby of her own after surrogacy said that she fell in love with her baby the moment she was born. Today, as I was talking to this little girl in my belly, I realized that my fears of not loving her like I loved my other three are gone.  After the scare I had of her coming early, I realized how desperately in love with her I already am.  I can wait for her to get here.  I want to wait for her to get here.  I just want it to be June so I don't have to wait anymore.    

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