Sunday, November 15, 2015


My hopes are high as we enter August.  We failed in June.  We failed in July.  And everyone I talked to and everthing I read said that it takes those two months for the bcps to get out of my system and my body to kick on.  I know if it is going to work, it will be August.
In exciting news, our problem from July is gone.  My husband and I are together for the entire month, and in even better news, we are on vacation at th Lake House on the fertile week.  Whoop!
We come home from vacation completely hopeful and excited that we have done it.  I wake up one Monday morning with tender breasts, and I know.  This is my body telling me we are pregnant :)
I decide it will be perfect to take a pregnancy test on our fifth anniversary, August 21.  It seems early, only 21 days into the cycle, but I figure that if my body has enough hormones that I can feel the pregnancy, surely there are enough hormones for a pregnancy test to read.  I take to the internet, and our chances look pretty good.

August 21 pregnancy test- Negative.
I am devastated.  My body is freaking crazy.  It is broken.  What is wrong with me?  If I am not pregnant, what the hell is going on?  I research other causes for these feelings that I am having, and none of them are good.  My husband insists that I am reading my body correctly and I just need to wait until day 28, but I rage and cry and have temper tantrums the whole week- my first week back at work for the school year.  I am looking like a crazy person at work, and feeling like my body is about to explode when August 28 finally arrives.

I take the pregnancy test and stare it down.  I set the timer for 3 minutes, and stare at the clock.  Stare at the test.  Stare at the clock.  I am willing the test to be positive so I know that I am not crazy.  My husband is in the shower when the three minutes ends.  I run in with the test in my hand.
"We did it!  We did it!  It is positive!" I exclaim as I wave the stick in front of his eyes.  "So clear!  I am not crazy!  I am not broken!  It worked!"

The next day, I take another one to make sure it is getting darker instead of lighter (in case of a chemical, which you see when you start testing too early).  This is what I get:

It is a beautiful, dark line.  A beautiful plus sign.  We have achieved success.  We are having our very own tiny human.  We have nicknamed him/her "the Jedi" since we began the discussion of trying for a baby.  The Jedi is on the way!  We are so happy.  We have a baby coming on:

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