Tuesday, January 5, 2016

17 Weeks and Rockin' Along

We went for our monthly doctor visit this week.  It was about 5 minutes long. I gained six pounds (oops!) and am perfectly, normally pregnant.  Aside from the stabbing pains where my ligaments and muscles are groaning with the stretching.  I have never felt the pain this early, but my OB says, "with many pregnancies, this is normal."  Of course it is.  I can't imagine those amazing women who have 10+ pregnancies when I am complaining about 8!  Heartbeat was hard to find because baby would not stay still!  This, of course, makes my heart skip with delight.  In my mind, whether realistic or not, a moving baby is a healthy baby.  We did the quad screen blood test, and I am anxiously waiting through this week and praying and hoping I don't get a call from the OB's office since they only call with bad news.  Jason says all will be well, but really, what else could he say?  I pray to the gods and hold out hope that I will receive one last miracle out of this old womb.  

On January 1, in the wee hours of New Year's morning, I felt the baby move for the first time.  I cannot explain the joy I feel to have my baby moving and playing inside of me.  It has always been my favorite part of pregnancy.  There are not enough words to explain what this feeling is like, but it is pure magic and every time my peanut moves, I smile because my heart is bursting with joy.
My belly is growing- probably more than is necessary for one little peanut, but it is good and stretched out! 
We have our ultrasound scheduled for January 19.  We have our plan for the "gender reveal" that my kiddos want.  I am excited to have a pronoun to use to talk about baby and to be able to work on names (we love several girls names and can't find any boys names!).   Jason will either be justified in calling the baby his daughter, or Braden will be justified in calling his brother "Jimmy."  Either way it goes for Team Pink and Team Blue, I am still here holding down Team Healthy Baby.  
In the meantime, we are here, waiting for our little peanut and debating nursery colors.

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